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An Introduction to the HERMANI Sock Lengths

HERMANI socks can be categorized into two lengths: mid-calf or knee-high. As the name implies, mid-calf socks reach halfway up a man’s calf while knee-high socks rest just below the knee. Mid-calf socks are also described as “calf-length,” “calf-high” or “half-calf”. Knee-high socks are also often described as “over the calf,” “long socks” or “executive length.”

Sock length is a personal preference. However, one should keep in mind that there is a longstanding rule: men should not expose naked skin between the sock and trouser legs.



We have noticed that younger generations have a tendency to view knee-high socks as dated. But nothing could be further from the truth. Knee-high socks are more formal and are considered the adequate choice for professional and formal settings, regardless of age. As a general rule, knee-high socks are a requirement in situations where showing a bit of leg would be off-putting.

Ability to Stay Up

One major advantage of knee-highsocks is the fact that they do not slide down your calf over time. If you tend to move a lot in meetings, events or business travels and prefer having a pair of socks that will stay up throughout the day, then you should opt for our knee-high length.

Leg Coverage

Still today, exposing one’s bare leg is considered a faux pas in professional and formal settings. Therefore, another benefit of knee-high dress socks is the full leg coverage.

Special Occasions

Usually, the knee-high length is preferred when wearing a formal attire. The same benefits of socks staying up on the leg and of full leg coverage are important as you dress for weddings, charity benefits and holiday parties.


The mid-calf sock length is generally considered more casual. As trends have shifted towards a more casual attire, mid-calf socks have become more widespread and are worn by men of all generations.

Casual Look

Mid-calf length is viewed as a more casual and contemporary look. This is the length to pair withyour Casual Friday attire, to pack on a weekend getaway or to simply wear with jeans.

Less Constricting Fit

With its lower profile on the leg, one may find the mid-calf length less constricting and more comfortable. This is especially true for men not used to wearing the knee-high length.

Cooler in Warm Climates

In warmer climates less fabric is often preferred. Therefore, mid-calf socks, which cover less of the leg, seem a reasonable choice. Summer is best enjoyed wearing mid-calf socks.


In Conclusion, it is Your Choice

Although, the setting may influence the length, choosing the right sock length comes down to your personal preference.  Therefore, you should always go for what makes you comfortable. In any case, HERMANI has you covered – at the sole of your step.