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We truly believe in embracing and enjoying life to the fullest, indulging in life’s simple pleasures, being kind and doing no harm. Our philosophy is all about being present, being aware, appreciating beauty, authenticity and goodness.

Hermani Heritage is about the journey, the process, the steps along the way. It is about continous learning - from our experiences, one another, our similarities and differences, our travels, our conversations with friends and with ourselves.

We find inspiration in contrast – the classic and the daring, old and young, modernity and traditionalism. We celebrate the fearless individualists that live up to their full potential, never losing their sense of humor along the way.



The contrast – our different backgrounds, distinct viewpoints and generational differences – fuels our creativity every day. 

With Hermani Heritage, we hope to build a one-of-a-kind community and inspire the conversation of fellow individualists, adventurers, bon vivants and connoisseurs. We aim to promote the art of living in the present moment, as well as the appreciation of fine craftmanship, timeless style and the finest materials.

Together, we celebrate life by offering the utmost quality and refined elegance – everyday, at the sole of your step.


Claudio & Pearl