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Ever wondered what “Filo di Scozia“ actually means?

Scottish Yarn, Lisle Thread, Fil d'Ecosse, or Filo di Scozia is a mercerized yarn, made from the finest qualities of Makò cotton, which is cultivated in Upper Egypt, along the Nile River. Its fiber is between 34 mm and 36 mm long and is traditionally used for the production of cotton yarns and fabrics of great quality and value. Once picked, the cotton undergoes the manufacturing process and finally, it is mercerized, a textile finishing treatment, which improves dye uptake and tear strength, reduces fabric shrinkage, and gives the yarn its silky shine.

But why then is it called Scottish thread? “Egyptian Cotton“ might seem misleading, as it is actually a British invention. Lisle Cotton Yarn originated near the central-western area of the Scottish Lowlands, in a yarn factory named J&P Coats factory in Paisley. Today, our Filo di Scozia is still produced traditionally, in Scotland.


What makes Filo di Scozia so special?

Scottish Yarn is as durable as it is comfortable – it has breathable, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. Among the characteristics of Scottish Yarn are softness, durability, a silky shine and color brilliance. It has the ability to absorb and disperse the body's natural perspiration better than traditional cotton. Because of the special processing, weaker and shorter fibers are eliminated, which results in highly durable and non-shrinking yarns.


Our Filo di Scozia Socks are a great companion, not only for those long office days, exciting dinner parties, but for every new challenge you take on this year – everyday, at the sole of your step!