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In this interview series, we showcase remarkable individuals who have left a lasting impression on us - who have enriched us with their unique thoughts, ideas, and creative contributions. This is an ode to people, who inspired us to embrace fresh perspectives, challenge prevailing trends, and find beauty in the little details of life.

We share a sense of beauty and a love of adventure. One such adventure was the crossing from Hamburg to New York during Florian's Head’s world tour. The head sculpture, four meters high, traveled the world on trains and container ships between 1998 and 2000 under the title “Travel a Head”. As a walk-in sculpture, the head invites you to go into it and try to look at the world from a different perspective.

Do we have to follow fashions? Do trends influence your work?

Florian: In my opinion, no one can completely shut themselves off from influences, which is okay. But of course you still want to set trends, if possible. I succeded in that sometimes, at least in my area. But it's also nice to be inspired by young colleagues. One hears a lot about sustainability at the moment - that was my topic a long time ago, with furniture from old factories that I have redesigned for new uses.

Is there a piece in your closet that you associate with a special story?

Florian: Pleasant sustainability here too! I've had a very classic belt that I love for 25 years. Also Alden shoes, although I really like wearing sneakers nowadays, also for the sake of my feet. I particularly like the Porsche/Adidas sports shoes.

My saying: “You drive a Porsche? I walk in a Porsche!

 What is your current favorite drink? And where is your favorite place to drink it?

Florian: Since the last two or three summers it's been the Negroni. Preferably on a roof terrace in Milan or Rome, at a friend’s house. But there are also some excellent bars, like the one that overlooks the Duomo di Milano. (Our tip

We say grazie and salute!