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Gift Box Vanisé Collection Mid-Calf


Take a walk on the bright side of life with this three-pair collection of vanisé cotton styles. Add a bit of colour and personality to your everyday wardrobe. The vanisé collection comes in our beautiful Hermani gift box.



vanisé mid-calf arancia

vanisé mid-calf limone

vanisé mid-calf blu



This luxurious vanisè pattern is characterized by a two-tone color contrast rib, which offers a uniquely elegant and formal aesthetic. Available in three eclectic color combinations, this light knit can be worn all year and is an indispensable complement for any occasion - the perfect final touch for a sophisticated attire. This sock is 100% made in Italy and underlies the European Oeko-Tex standard.




This stretch-fit medium-height sock is designed to sit perfectly, reaching the knee and is available in sizes from S - L. The ribbing enhances elasticity and ensures a better grip on the leg.  We have created a delicate balance between not sagging down and not leaving marks on the calf. The heel and toe are reinforced so that they are even more resistant and comfortable.

Gift Box Vanisé Collection Mid-Calf