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Hermani Guide


Finding the right gift, especially for the male part of the population, can be quite a challenge – even anxiety provoking! After days and weeks of fruitless research and falling down the #giftideas and #giftsforhim rabbit hole, you give and end up going with that last minute bottle of wine, gift card, flower bouquet or another scented candle. 

On the way to the party, you are left, feeling a little guilty about your lack of effort. And yes, even research shows that giving a bad gift can hurt your relationships. So how can we make sure to avoid serious “gifting fails” and save you from sleepless nights? The answer is simple: SOCKS!


And this is why:


you can never have too many socks

You might be wondering whether you will be getting someone something they already have. With socks you have many different options, so gifting a duplicate is rather unlikely. And honestly, even if you get them a duplicate, you can never really have too many pairs of socks.  


socks are timeless

Socks never change in shape and style and are a rather timeless garment. Hermani Heritage socks are all about celebrating individuality on the one hand and longevity on the other hand. Our socks are designed to last and never look like they are out of style.


socks don’t take up too much space

The fact that socks are really compact means they are easy to ship, transport or bring to any occasion. Also, they won’t take up too much space in the giftee’s sock drawer – a great plus!

socks are ageless

Basically, all garments and accessories are somehow age restricted – gifting a 15-year-old a tie and cufflinks or your grandfather that pair of new sneakers could (in most cases) lead to a serious “gifting fail”. Yet, socks are in a neutral zone. Ageless.

sizing is pretty easy

Have you ever tried to buy a sweater or pyjamas for someone when you don’t know their size? Or you know their size, but every brand cuts things differently. Gifting socks has one great benefit: it is very easy to get the sizing right. Sock sizes are universal. So as long as you know their shoe size, you can shop pretty confidently without fearing they’ll need to return your gift.